SEOs and webmasters has always looked at ranking factors as a big mystery and at Google, we want to improve that process and be clear. We realized that transparency is needed to propagate good quality results for the users. Over the years we have been working on various algorithms to clean up search results and make it the best results to the users, and yet all the time, SEOs find loop holes and ways around it. Since SEOs will always do it anyway, we came up with the DeserveRank tag to make it easier for SEO professionals.

<link rel="DeserveRank" hrefrank="1" hrefword="search engine" href="" />

The DeserveRank tag will not guarantee the rank for the keyword but will automatically send a signal to Google to go through a 500 point checklist of quality items that all add up to form the Deserve Score. If the Deserve Score is 60% or higher, there is a 80% likelinees that the deserve rank will appear in search results 50% of the time for 40% of all search queries done for 30% of the day, everyday. In the example above, this may or may not reflect the ranking since it still depends on the deserve score.

SEOs have evovled over the years after all our passive training of them by using our algorithmic updates, forced them into good practices in producing quality content that users love. We already see based on our statistical analysis that this will become an issue when all sites have great quality content and no bad quality ones, and in the future we no longer know which sites should go down in ranking. Since the SEOs know best, we give a portion of the power to them to tell us what rank they deserve. This is a major advancement in crowdsourcing since the day Wikipedia was created.